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Our Services

We have set ourselves apart from employment firms in Singapore by being the agency that provides one-stop solutions for HR services, overall adopting a holistic and end-to-end approach which brings our clients to greater heights. We are able to provide comprehensive HR solutions by incorporating HR Consultancy services and HR Advisory services, along with HR functions. We believe that competent human resources and human capital are the basis of success for businesses, thus we look at fine-tuning Human Resource Management and HR Compliance skills to help businesses achieve this.


ExecUp HR Consulting believes in creating lasting partnerships that endure over time. Hence, we have implemented strategic Human Resources solutions to minimize the turnover rate and fuel company growth. Our excellent HR services are helmed by experienced and accredited HR consultants who have received sufficient training in the field. They aim to bring more value to overall clients' needs at competitive rates to meet each clients’ unique budget.


To ensure effectiveness and bring quality support to your business solutions, we adopt a strategic and systematic approach; every consultation is helmed by a proven HR process to evaluate the gaps in your company. Hence, every business solution will be specially refined to enhance your customer and business value. ExecUp HR Consulting’s mission is to empower your HR outsourcing function and expedite your business process by reinforcing all HR needs and solutions while being in compliance with your company’s vision.

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